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Seeing a greyhound in full flight is a wonderful  thing . However there are a few things to bear in mind before you are tempted to let the new member of your family off-lead for a run around.

Firstly, allow time for them to settle into their new life which is completely different to the one they have been used to.  All greyhounds are individuals and need time to bond with their owners, recall training is of the utmost importance, all dogs, whether a greyhound or not, need to have learned recall for their own and everyone else’s safety.  Begin recall training at home.

Therefore, in unenclosed spaces your new greyhound needs to be kept on his/her lead at least until recall is well established which could take up to 6 months.  

In enclosed spaces, be mindful of obstacles such as fences/trees/other dogs etc as even here, your greyhound can pick up a fair turn of speed.

When the time is right for your greyhound to be off-lead (and bear in mind some with a high prey drive may never be) be on the lookout for barbed wire, uneven surfaces, obstacles, other animals etc

We recommend your greyhound wears his/her muzzle initially when you are out until you know how they will react as everything is new and strange. This also applies if and when you go off-lead for the first time.

Finally, on the subject of leads, a retractable (extendable) lead or “long line” is not recommended for most greyhounds as they accelerate so quickly and can seriously damage their neck when they “snap back” at the end of the line, you may also find yourself face down on the ground!

We all want to keep our greyhounds safe and free from injury, they have such thin skin and little body fat to protect them from situations which cause little or no trouble to other breeds

Greyhounds Off The Lead

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